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Dominaria United Draft Booster Box

Dominaria United Draft Booster Box

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Dominaria United Draft Booster Box contains 36 Draft Booster Packs.

Dominaria; an ancient plane filled with countless cultures, legends and forgotten treasures. As a secret enemy plots to invade, the people of Dominaria must band together to protect their home. Use the legendary creatures that come in every pack to assemble a new Coalition and defend the plane where Magic started!

Pack breakdown:

1x Rare or Mythic Rare*
3x Uncommons*
10x Commons
(Traditional Foil card of any rarity replaces a Common in 33% of packs)
1x Basic Land
1x Token/Ad Card
*1 Legendary Creature in every pack (75% U, 25% R/M)
C: Common, U: Uncommon, R: Rare, M: Mythic Rare

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