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Flesh and Blood: Dusk Till Dawn Booster Box

Flesh and Blood: Dusk Till Dawn Booster Box

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Dusk till Dawn Booster Box contains 24 Booster Packs.

The 10th set of Flesh and Blood, Dusk till Dawn features the most magnificent Marvels yet, returns the first ever hero from Living Legend, and honors the original Light and Shadow Living Legend heroes with a 10 card serialized set of hand drawn artist sketch cold foil hero cards for each of Prism, Sculptor of Arclight, and Chane, Bound by Shadow. Each artist sketch is unique, illustrated by the hand of the original artist of these iconic heroes.

Dusk till Dawn is a 10 card booster pack that returns to the epic War of the Monarch conflict between Light and Shadow, and with it sees the return of fan favorite Light Illusionist and Shadow Runeblade heroes whose predecessors have attained Living Legend status.

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