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Modern Horizons 3: Wednesday Booster Draft Event Registration

Modern Horizons 3: Wednesday Booster Draft Event Registration

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Modern Horizons 3:Wednesday Booster Draft Event Registration

Come and join the excitement as we discover a World Anew in Modern Horizons 3

Players will receive three (3) play booster packs of Modern Horizons 3.

Players will open a pack and select a card, then pass the remaining pack to the left. The process will continue until all cards from the pack have been selected. Afterwards the process will repeat, but in the reverse direction (right). Lastly, the process will continue with the last pack going to the left. Players will then construct a minimum 40 card deck from their pool of cards from their draft. The total draft and build process will take no more than 50 minutes.

Players will be paired in pods of eight (8) and play in a maximum of three (3) rounds.

Prizes will be awarded 1st and 2nd place and will receive 4 play booster packs each per 8 player pod
Entry Fee: $30

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