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RNG Dicebox - Shaman Red

RNG Dicebox - Shaman Red

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Pack all the dice you need. Fits 4x D20 spindowns, a full set of 7x RPG dice, and a bunch of extra D6's or tokens. Magnetic tray slides out and pops onto shell for easy dice access during gameplay. Durable polycarbonate structure. Translucent tray to showcase dice.

EquipMAG System: Attach Dice // Bundle Decks // Connect Playmat. Attach the RNG Dicebox to your deckbox and never forget your dice. Easily move your dice from deck to deck, and avoid managing multiple sets. Connect to your playmat to make moving between tournament rounds faster and more secure.


• Fits 4x D20SD + 7x RPG Set (D20, D12, D10, D10, D8, D6, D4) + 8x D6
• Secure Magnetic Sliding Tray
• Tray Snaps onto Shell for Easy Access
• Durable Polycarbonate Shell & Tray
• EquipMAG Modular System
• Attach to ETB Playmat or RFG Deckbox
• Dice not included


Exterior: 101 mm W x 76 mm H x 32.5 mm D
Interior: 97.2 mm W x 66.6 mm H x 23.2 mm D


Polycarbonate, Neodymium Magnets

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