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The Brothers' War Draft Booster Pack

The Brothers' War Draft Booster Pack

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The Brothers' War Draft Booster Pack (1)

Travel back in time and witness history in the making! The Brothers’ War is a new look at one of Magic’s classic tales: a battle between two brothers that shaped the future of the entire Multiverse.

Wield powerful historical artifacts like colossal war machines and intricate Schematic cards. Are the lessons of the past enough to save the future?


Pack Contents:

  • 1x Retro Artifact or Schematic U/R/M
    (Schematic card in 16% of packs)
  • 1x Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 3x Uncommons
  • 9x Commons
  • 1x Common or Full-Art Mech Basic Land*
    (Full-Art Mech Basic Land in 25% of packs)
  • 1x Token/Ad Card, Punchout Counter Card, or Helper Card
    *Replaced by Traditional Foil card of any rarity in 33% of packs
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