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Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Box

Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Box

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Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Box

Adventure Returns to Zendikar

Zendikar is back and deadly as ever. Gather a party of adventurers and explore ancient floating ruins in search of forgotten relics. But be careful - the path is fraught with monsters and traps ready to claim the lives of the unwary. Can you find the truth within the ruins and claim the Roil?

36 Packs + 1 Box Topper. Get 36 Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Packs plus 1 "Expedition Land" box topper—a celebrated land card with alternate art and a special frame inspired by the sky dungeons of Zendikar.

  • INTRODUCING "PARTY." Assemble a party from four adventuring classes (Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard) and become stronger together with rewards for each class joining you on the battlefield.
  • LANDFALL AND KICKER RETURN. Two of Magic's most popular mechanics are back! Landfall rewards you for playing land cards, and Kicker makes your spells more powerful—if you have enough mana.
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